Datacoin Key Features:

SIFF – Store Important Files Forever

New service will be created soon. It will be a website where everyone can offer some useful big files to be stored in Datacoin blockchain, and everyone can donate for that files.

  1. Each file has its own automatically generated wallet for donations. Each file is uploaded to server and split into small chunks (1MB)
  2. Anyone can send coins to wallet of defined file. When there is enough coins to upload a chunk, upload process begins automatically
  3. Each file has ‘progress bar’ for percents uploaded/remaining, coins needed to finish upload, etc
  4. If someone sends big amount of money (more than for 1 chunk), there appears progress bar ‘queue’ and file will be queued for multiple chunks
  5. If file is queued, there is no need to send coins to it until queue is finished
  6. There will be limit of chunks per day, this project shouldn’t spam network and disallow others to upload their own files

In case of this scenario no one can scam community and take a big amount of money from wallet away (5K Datacoins for 100MB). Wallet will always contain small amounts of coins.



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