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Datacoin is a reliable, censorship-free currency that can be used for transactions and data storage within its sophisticated blockchain.

Data is stored in the blockchain forever and can be retrieved using a transaction hash as an identifier. Datacoin is a platform that can be used by applications such as torrent trackers, encrypted messaging services, and can be used to store other kinds of small data – all censorship-free!

Developers can store torrent files, certificates, and with future development, HTML pages and other kinds of meta-information in the Datacoin blockchain. These are also very recoverable in case of data loss.

You can install the wallet from the right-side menu. Windows users can use a GUI wallet, Linux users should compile datacoind or Datacoin-QT from source (see instructions). Wallets are in development, and more features are coming soon, but the wallet’s current functionality is similar to other coins.

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